One of the practices we encourage people to adopt is to use electrical kit that all uses the same size of battery – eg AAA. By doing this you only need to carry a few spare batteries.

The 4 x AAA Luminous Battery Caddy is a really neat invention keeps them easily accessible, safe and protects them from self-discharging:

  • Glows in the dark (Actually they SHINE. Whatever technology is used to give them their luminosity is the best we have ever come across).
  • Holds batteries securely in place with a unique locking feature
  • Protect the terminals of the batteries at both ends reducing self-discharging.
  • Manufactured in tough polypropylene.

Adopt the simple technique of placing all your charged batteries with the anode at the top and spent batteries upside down.

Plus they are great for keeping batteries safe on flights where you are not allowed to store them in the aircraft’s hold (lithium batteries).