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LED Lenser H14R.2 The Professionals Head Torch

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Recommended for professionals in Search & Rescue.


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Led Lenser H14R.2 – The Professionals Head Torch – 1000 Lumens

After being introduced to the LED Lensor CREE head torches by Paul Hitchen, of Glossop Mountain Rescue, the Led Lenser H7R.2 has been our mainstay hill torch, until we tried the new H14R.2 and the science behind its development, summarised by Lumens and Kelvin, confusing? Nope!

The greater the light output, measured in Lumen, the greater the distance it will illuminate correct? Nope!

With most torch beams focussed into the distance, three quarters of the available light is scattered and lost, not so with the Lensers due to their smart focussing system, so when other torch manufacturers claim 300 metres distance, its only just, whereas with the Lenser it is the full distance, due of the excellent beam quality.

As important, is the colour of the white light, measured in degrees Kelvin, sound confusing? It isn’t!

  • Most LED bulbs radiate 3500-4100K – a cold, bluish white light
  • Older LED torches radiate 2700-3000K – soft, yellowish white light
  • H14R.2 LED radiate 5000-6500K – equivalent to daylight wavelengths

What this means is that the Led Lenser H14R.2 allows you to not only see items 300 metres away, but also in the same tone and colour as you would during daylight making them more recognisable.

This head torch is the one we recommend for the professionals in Search & Rescue. The brilliant thing is at £114.95 it’s easily within the reach of hill walkers, mountaineers, mountain-bikers or hunters who want to go the extra distance (forgive the pun) and spend a little more on the ultimate head torch!

5 Year Warranty

5 year warranty against manufacturing defects, extendable to 7 years through on-line product registration through the Led Lenser website.

Please go to: https://www.ledlenser.com/uk/products/service-warranty/ for full warranty details.


  • More power with new rechargeable battery 

  • New Improved ergonomic fit and padding

  • Charge from your laptop

  • If your rechargeable batteries run flat you simply put in AAA batteries

  • The lamp head can be swivelled to point in-front or downwards

  • Fully adjustable straps

  • Rear red LED; constant on and blink

  • Multi-function dimmer wheel

  • Battery power indicator

  • Red indicator charging light

  • Low Battery Message System

  • Transport lock to prevent the light from being switched on by accident

  • Water ingress resistant construction IPX4

Operational Modes

MAX 1000 lm – MIN 60 lm

Lighting Range
MAX 300 m – MIN 70 m

Battery Duration
MAX 35 hrs – MIN 6 hrs

Weight 340 g

Additional information

Weight 801 g


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