Infinite Orbit

Instant Infinite Back-up Power

Instant power to any device or rechargeable battery at anytime, anywhere!

This innovative hand crank generator is the most reliable instant back-up power system available today.

In just a a couple of minutes you generate enough power to make that essential call from your mobile phone, charge a headlamp to provide essential light in critical situations, fire up a dead GPS or sterilise water with your Steripen.

Small, strong & lightweight (aircraft aluminium), with minimal effort it kicks out the perfect 5V @ 2Amps for all your rechargeable devices, even laptops.

Whether you’re part of a rescue team on a mountain, in distress on a yacht at sea, stuck in the snow or simply need enough power to take that last picture at the festival, the Infinite Orbit is an essential item for any kit bag, vehicle, boat or weekend away. This product negates the need for users to carry spare batteries, making it environmentally efficient and able to charge your devices instantly.

Our rule of thumb is:

Up to a 2 days trip – take the Tex-Flex 3

2 days or more away – take the Infinite Orbit as well.

Instant power

Cranks Power Provided
1 minutes of cranking 60 minutes of head-torch power
12 minutes of cranking Enough power to a flat phone battery to call the Emergency Services
10 minutes of cranking 20 minutes talk time on an iPhone 6
12 minutes of cranking 8 hours of light for a Petzl head-torch

The Infinite Orbit Charges…

  • Smartphones
  • Head-torches
  • Satnav(GPS)
  • MP3-player
  • Tablets (including iPad)
  • iPods
  • UV water purifier
  • Digital cameras
  • Satellite phones


  • Lightweight, compact, efficient and durable
  • Functions in extreme temperatures
  • Compatible with USB chargeable devices
  • IP65 rated (Dust & splashproof)

Tech Specs

  • Weight: 330g
  • Dimensions: 150 x 100 x 45mm (with crank handle in position)
  • Input: Human powered
  • Output: 5V at 2 amps at steady speed
  • Aircraft aluminium case and crank handle
  • Power generated: 10 Watts
  • Operating temp: – 40°C to + 40°C
  • Warranty: Lifetime guarantee