Alcohol impregnated map cleaning sheets

Wiping pen, including permanent marker, and chinagraph pencils marks from laminated maps has always been a faff. We personally used and sold the medical alcohol injection dabs, but, they’re small and you need a few if you’re removing more than one point.

These new alcohol wipes are 10 times larger! (each sheet 160mm x 105mm) yet really compactly packed and they do the job brilliantly.

They are individually wrapped and weigh next to nothing and can be easily carried on to the hill either for map cleaning or as part of your first aid kit.

They are also ideal for use at a search and rescue base for mission planning and search management.

Non-woven fabric swab saturated with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol, designed for disinfecting non-invasive medical devices or as a pre injection swab.

Caution – these wipes are flammable, keep away from ignition sources and do not smoke whilst using. must only be used on unbroken skin.

Choose between packs of 100, 20 or 10.