Staedtler Lumocolor Permanent Pens (Fine Nib)

These pens are ideal for annotating laminated maps prior to setting out on your journey, or whilst on the hill in dry weather.  They are perfect for mission planning and search management.  They are a permanent marker, and have excellent smudge proof and water proof qualities, the colours are bright and easily seen on maps.  They will write on almost any dry surface!

  • Permanent ink, durable in the field
  • Fine nib allows precise and detailed notes
  • Perfect for route planning, adding grid references, mobile numbers, recording magnetic declination etc on maps
  • Ink dries in seconds, ideal for left handed writers
  • Excellent smudge resistant and waterproof qualities
  • DRY-SAFE can be left uncapped for days
  • Will write on paper with very little bleed

Note- These will not write on wet laminated maps for this purpose we recommend the Glasochrom chinagraph pencils.

Pencils verses Pens

We made the simple distinction of using the pens indoors for planning and the pencils when navigating, with the exception of one pen always on a rucksack strap (See Expert Tips)

Expert Tips

  • Keep one of the pens handy attached to your rucksack strap – ready to take down notes.
  • These are permanent pens and have good resistance against rubbing off in the field or being washed off by inclement weather. Use a pre-injection medi-swab to clean your annotations of your map at the end of the day!

The Shaven Raspberry three colour strategy for map annotation

We recommend a 3 colour strategy for map annotation using the black, blue and red pens.  This strategy will help you plan your mission/hill day, make notes on route and assist with dynamic decision making in the field.

Red Pen

  • Mark current location, as in thumbing the map
  • Mark waypoints
  • Cross-hatching danger areas
  • Plotting bearings: Resection and intersections
  • Escape routes

Blue Pen

  • Routes
  • Tracks
  • Perimeters/borders of areas of demarcation
  • Search areas

Black Pen

  • Writing notes
  • Grid reference
  • Telephone numbers etc.


Pack of 3 pens – Red, Blue & Black Price – £5.49