Uniball Power Tank Pen, The Ultimate Outdoor Pen

This power tank pen is fantastic for the Emergency Services, Military, Mountain Rescue, Coast Guard, Teachers, DoE and those who work outside or take part in leisure pursuits such as orienteering, geocaching, mountain biking and hill walking.

Traditionally pens have been notoriously difficult to use in the often damp, cold outdoors environment with many opting for pencils or chinagraph pencils, this pen now offers a better alternative. The Power Tank pen writes in extreme conditions including wet surfaces, cold temperatures, and even upside down. Normal pens utilize gravity to create ink flow onto a paper, but the Uni-Ball Power Tank utilizes internal compressed air pressure to push out ink onto the paper. The pen can write on wet paper and be used in sub zero environments. The oil based pigment ink is high density and comes out smooth and dark on paper. The pen also features a finely texturized grip composed of 0.16mm slits so that it not only fits comfortably in your hands but is also hard to slip away.

We at Shaven Raspberry have used this pen outdoors in damp and cold conditions and can confirm it does perform well and can recommend it.

  • The Ability to write in bad weather conditions
  • Cold resistant ink that will not freeze in temeratures down to -20degC
  • Will work on damp paper
  • Will write upside down or at any angle
  • Transparent ink cartridge so ink consumption can be monitored
  • Comfortable grip ideal for cold fingers
  • Writes in zero gravity (so the manufacturer claims, Shaven Raspberry has not been able to confirm this – yet!)
  • Ideal for completing casualty cards, incident reports or taking contemporaneous notes
  • Will happily write on wet Aqua 3 laminated maps