US Manufactured Type III 7 Strand 550 Paracord  

An item of kit that once carried you will wonder how you ever managed without it!

Getting hold of actual true US manufactured Commercial Type III 550 paracord specification parachute cord is very difficult, we know as it took us over a year to find an approved US manufacturer. True US paracord is vastly superior to the numerous copies claiming to be actual paracord.


4m & 14m lengths come with a free Black Plastic Buckle
55m length comes with 2 x free Black Plastic Buckles

1.2m 4m 14m 55m
SAR Red A bullet proof general purpose paracord £1.48 £2.99
Free Black Plastic Buckle
Free Black Plastic Buckle
2 x Free Black Plastic Buckle
Neon Yellow An intense bright yellow, that fluoresces in daylight
Neon Orange An intense bright orange, that fluoresces in daylight
Neon Green An intense bright green, that fluoresces in daylight
Neon Blue An intense bright blue, that fluoresces in daylight
Dayglow An intense bright green and yellow, that fluoresces in daylight
Neon Pink An intense bright pink, that fluoresces in daylight
Search and Rescue An intense bright yellow and orange, that fluoresces in daylight
Woodland Camo Designed to blend in with foliage and non-detectable with IR
Firefighter Red and Black Stripe A red and black combination
Black A bullet proof general purpose paracord


Buy the Ultimate Shackles for making paracord bracelets and belts.

In either polished stainless steel or black anodised stainless steel.

This short video shows you how to easily make a bracelet or belt, a brilliant and neat way to carry lengths of paracord, which can be easily unraveled when required.

Our 550 paracord TYPE III has:

  • A tensile strength of up to 250 kilograms
  • A dynamic rope that stretches to over 30% before breaking
  • 15 metres of it weighs just 100 grams
  • Small to pack being only 3.5mm in diameter
  • All weather, as nylon does not rot or mildew
  • Fast colour dyes that do not bleed
  • UV Resistant – does not fade or harden in sunlight
  • Quick drying as the fibres do not absorb water

We sell the 3 best types of 550 Paracord Type III:

  • SAR Red (Search & Rescue) – the bullet proof general purpose paracord, especially good for securing items of kit when used as a lanyard. Also available in DayGlo Orange, an intense visible colour in daylight.
  • SAR Red Tracer Paracord – Microprismatic reflective spheres (the same reflective material used on the side of police cars) are in 3 strands of a bespoke nylon that run in a side by side, spiral, throughout the mantle (like a barber’s pole) which gives the paracord unique properties. These return a higher portion of available light from head torches, making the paracord bright and visible at night, as well as during the day. If you want to be seen at night, this is the stuff!
  • Neon Orange ‘Glow in the Dark’ Paracord – Strontium aluminate is a super-glow luminous chemical contained in the 3 spiral strands and the paracord does what it says on the tin! Great for tent guy ropes.

(For Military and hunting, we also sell it in Camo-Green)

Plus, we sell Stainless Steel Adjustable Contoured Shackles for making paracord bracelets and belts. These have rounded heads retaining bolts – these are far more comfortable the more common flat heads which can dig into your wrist. Plus these shackles are contoured to comfortably fit your wrist.

We use it for:

Lanyards (From the French military term “Lanière” used to connect a pistol or sword)

This is by far the most straight forward and practical use for paracord. Essential for safely securing essential equipment to your person or rucksack, such as your compass, handheld satnav (GPS) or mobile phone and ensuring that if you drop them they do not break hitting the ground and you cannot lose them either.

Attach a 1.2 metre length of 550 Paracord Type III to the item and at the other end create a loop which is just large enough for the item to pass through – once this is done you need never tie another knot to secure the item to your belt or rucksack. Simply pass the cord under the rucksack strap and then slip the item through the loop and pull tight.

Expert Tip – work out where you will normally attach the paracord to and cut the cord to hand just short of the ground when standing.

Making pacing counter cords:

Lashing gear to rucksacks

Halyard (From the phrase in sailing to ‘haul yards’)

Whilst this is not a climbing rope, it has a tensile strength of up to 250 kilograms and is therefore perfect for lifting or lowering kit, from ice-axes to rucksacks over drops up to 10 metres. Safely attach a 12.0 metre length of 550 Paracord Type III to the item to be hauled up/lowered and securely anchor the other end, so if you drop the item you don’t lose it!

Expert Tip – Only lower items one at a time!
And have used it for:

  • Replacement Bootlaces
  • Zipper pulls
  • Lashing kit together, such as walking poles, ice-axes etc.
  • Guy ropes for either temporary shelter or your tent
  • Washing line for drying wet garments
  • Creating a pacing counter using threaded beads/toggles
  • Performing the navigational Wheel technique
  • Securing a splint to a broken limb
  • Assisting with water rescues
  • Tourniquet to control bleeding
  • Securing rucksacks to car roof racks
  • Fixing broken straps or belts

And we have seen it used as:

  • Dog lead
  • A fire starting Bow string
  • Hanging food safe from animals in trees
  • Key fob

By separating out the thin nylon ropes inside the cord you can use these as:

  • Dental floss
  • Suture fabric for wounds
  • Sewing (Tent / Clothing Repair)
  • Tinder for a fire
  • Fishing line
  • Making fish nets, snares and animal traps

Expert Tip – Always cut paracord with a sharp pair of scissors and seal in a naked flame.

It is available in three colours:
DayGlo Orange – Our personal choice for the emergency length 5m.
SAR Red – We secure items of kit using this colour.
Camo Brown – Great for camping trips, makeshift shelters, laces and bracelets.


Easy to use, follow our step by step guide below:

Click to download the pdf »