Product Description

We’ve tried them all (well it feels like it) from British Army Hexamine stoves to the Jetboil Flash, which, when you have bought the pot stand and fuel which are sold separately, will set you back a bonkers £125 and we have discovered a clear winner – The Wild Woodgas Stove and the best part is that it burns naturally found fuel – Wood (the gas comes from the pyrolisation of the wood!) What makes this Wild Woodgas stove so efficient is the double wall construction which preheats secondary air and vents it around the top of the stove, this allows heated air to ignite and burn the unburnt fire gasses resulting in a more efficient, cleaner burn.  All the brilliant reviews on Amazon and hundreds of videos on YouTube attest to this.

£45 buys you the best stove you can get, far superior to the Jetboils of this world and at a fraction of the cost, here’s why:

The Wood-Gas Stove:

  • Will never run out of fuel so long as you have access to a few twigs!
  • Quickly generates high-temperatures, with a clean burn so it cooks your food rapidly
  • Distributes heat evenly, with no pan hotspots where food sticks
  • Secure footprint, so you don’t need pan-stabilisers and it can take large pots
  • At 280 grams it is truly lightweight and very compact when packed away in its bag
  • Ingenious – as in intelligent design, with pre-heated air injected into the top of the combustion chamber to mix with the remaining smoke (Ok this is a personal thing but if a stove could have beauty this would be the winner of the pageant!)