Product Description

Suunto MC-2 6400 Global MILITARY Mirror Compass

If you are looking for the best MILITARY compass, look no further, the Suunto MC-2 Global Military compass is the best you can get


“Look! We’re not worried about the German Army, we’ve got enough troubles of our own. To the right General Patton, to the left the British Army, to the rear our own goddamn artillery!”

When calling in artillery you need to eliminate all margins of error for the Gunners 😉 and this is the compass to do it with.

Simply put, this compass is rugged, very accurate, dead easy to use and automatically adjusts for Grid Magnetic Angle (The angular difference in direction between grid north and magnetic north, measured east or west from grid north). So there are no maths to worry about when working with your map and compass together, instead you can concentrate on your mission objectives.

  • Marked in MILS, the luminous, two-colour notched bezel is easy to use with gloves on and the rubber feet means it stays put on your compass
  • The folding lid is constructed of tough ABS plastic, which safely protects your compass from getting damaged next from other kit you are carrying
  • Balanced Globally, so it can be used anywhere in the world
  • Operates down to temperatures of -30C in Porsanger, Norway to +40C in Helmand, Afghanistan!
  • The mirror is large and coated in an anti-fogging agent, so in the cold it doesn’t mist up
  • It has a detachable snap-lock in lanyard, making it easy to detach when working on a map table

Technical Specification

  • Bezel marked in MILS
  • Global Balancing System
  • Clinometer for measuring slope angle
  • Large mirror
  • Jewel bearing
  • Ruler in centimetres & millimetres
  • Adjustable declination correction scale
  • Additional sighting hole for superior accuracy
  • Baseplate with magnifying lens and anti-slip rubber pads
  • Luminous two-color bezel ring
  • Detachable snap-lock in lanyard which is very easy to detach for working with the map
  • Wristlock in the lanyard



Suunto MC-2/360/G/D/L,
1.1m of US Manufactured Type III 550 Paracord
Grid Reference Tool
Lanyard with wristlock
Declination adjustment key

Measurements 65  x  101  x  18  mm Weight 75g

How to take a bearing using a Suunto MC-2 Global MILITARY Mirror Compass


Extracted from the Ultimate Navigation Manual by Lyle Brotherton – Available here »