NanoStriker Refill kit

Includes replacement ferrocerium rod and two seals one for the striker end and one for the fire rod end.

Easy to replace, just screw out the worn Nanostriker rod and screw in the new one, replace the o’ring seals to ensure no moisture or dirt ingress.

  • Ferrocerium* Rod making it very economical
  • Gives more than 1000 fire-starting strikes
  • Economical and easy way to refurb your Nanostriker

It is very straight forward to use and produces a complete shower of sparks, suitable for lighting dry shredded paper, leaves or other tinder. For gas, meths or similar just strike through the fuel vapour over the burner.

Expert Tip

  • We recommend you carry some cotton wool balls with a small amount of Petroleum Jelly smeared on them – they light easily and burn for a good 20+ seconds – enough to get your fire going!


*Ferrocerium is a unique man-made metallic material that gives off a large number of very hot sparks at temperatures at 1650°C (3000°F) when scraped against the Tungsten Carbide striker (part of the Nanostriker assembly).