Led Lenser MH10 The head torch for Extreme Adventurers!

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Led Lenser MH10 The head torch for Extreme Adventurers!

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The Head Torch for Extreme Adventurers!


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Led Lenser MH10 The head torch for Extreme Adventurers!

Scott is an orienteer and I must say, a very good one at that! The MH10 is his ideal light source doing this and for three great reasons.

  1. It’s light, very light (158 grammes), and the most powerful of the Led Lenser MH series’ head torches, it kicks out an amazing 600 lumens over 150 metres on its most powerful setting. Now most folk will be thinking what difference is a few grams going to make to a fit person like him, and, they’d be right. The real reason the weight of the head torch is important is that the lighter they are the less likely they are to move about on your head. So, for orienteers, hill runners, joggers, hikers, mountaineers or SAR personnel, in fact anyone moving at a pace, the Led Lenser MH10 fits the bill perfectly being one of the lightest Lenser head torches available, plus it’s comfortable to wear.
  2. The second reason is all to do with preserving night vision, as orienteers are continually matching the landscape to their map and vice a versa, and often turn their head torch off to see beyond the limit of their torches beam, so preserving their natural night-vision is essential. The Led Lenser MH10 fits the bill perfectly with its adjustable levels of light with either the red of green filters it is supplied with.
    Check out this article I researched and wrote for Mountain Rescue Magazine, the conclusion of which is that low-level green light is the ideal compromise for illuminating maps, the environment AND helping preserve your night vision.
    A couple of weeks ago I was with a good friend who photographs owls, finding his way with his MH10 using low level green then quickly able to adapt to the darkness to look out for his feathered models!
  3. The light can be quickly tilted to 65° to shine directly on your map and easily tilted back again to illuminate the environment.

The Led Lenser MH10 has all the other brilliant features of the Led Lenser range, so the ‘Advanced Focus System’ optics are adjusted with a simple turn of the sliver front ring to speed focus the light into a flood beam for near illumination, or spot beam for distance illumination.

It’s USB 3.0 rechargeable which fully charges the battery in just 360 mins (6 hours), with an 80% charge achieved in 180 mins (3 hours). Offering up to 120 hours’ battery life from a full charge on the lowest luminosity setting (10 lm), 15 hours on the mid setting (250 lm) and an amazing 10 hours run time on the highest luminosity setting 600 lm).

The MH10 has a rear red safety light plus the essential transport lock to stop accidental battery drain during transport.

5 Year Warranty

As we supply genuine Led Lenser head torches (be aware there are fakes out there!) it comes with a 5 year warranty against manufacturing defects, extendable to 7 years through on line product registration through the Led Lenser website. See – https://www.ledlenser.com/uk/products/service-warranty/ for full details.



  • Charge from your laptop

  • Speed Charging – USB 3 Compatable

  • Pivoting lamp head can be swivelled to point in-front or downwards

  • Advanced System Optics – flood beam to spot beam

  • Speed Focus – single hand use

  • Fully adjustable straps

  • Comfortable to wear – 158g

  • Rear red LED safety light

  • Battery charging indicator

  • Low Battery warning system

  • Transport lock to prevent the light from being switched on by accident

  • Water ingress resistant construction IPX4

  • Includes green and red colour filters

Technical Specification

MAX 600 lm – MIN 10 lm

Lighting Range
MAX 150 m – MIN 15 m

Battery Duration
MAX 120 hrs – MIN 10 hrs

Battery Type
1 x Rechargeable 18650 Li-ion

Weight 158 g

Download Night Navigation Tips

Additional information

Weight 801 g


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