Led Lenser ML6 Outdoor Lamp

//Led Lenser ML6 Outdoor Lamp

Led Lenser ML6 Outdoor Lamp

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70hrs of light and with no pong!


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Led Lensor ML6 Outdoor Lamp

OK, most of us, especially those of us with the Y chromosome, fret about the lumens that your headtorches put out and the clarity of focussed light they produce at 100 metres, all of which in the main is meaningless inside your tent or beside a camp fire. Back in your tent, after a hard day on the hill, 14 billion lumens of light burning the pages of your book makes for uncomfortable reading, as does sitting around the camp fire where one person is forever forgetting not to look at you directly with their headtorch, enter stage left the LED LENSOR ML6.

It looks a bit like a miner’s ‘Davy Lamp’, which, instead of burning lamp oil and giving off 12hrs of light can give up to as much as 70hrs of light and with no pong, plus it only weighs 280 grams. In practice, we’ve found the 550 lumens setting (it has 3 settings) is more than adequate and lasts for around 4 hrs, before it needs recharging – the USB cable provided allows for easy re-charging up to 1000 times.  We really like the new new micro prism technology that Led Lenser have developed this provides efficient glare free and targeted lighting, excellent for camping and reading.

It’s USB 3.0 rechargeable which fully charges the battery in just 360 mins (6 hours), with an 80% charge achieved in 180 mins (3 hours). Offering up to 120 hours’ battery life from a full charge on the lowest luminosity setting (10 lm), 15 hours on the mid setting (250 lm) and an amazing 10 hours run time on the highest luminosity setting 600 lm).

The ML6 has the essential transport lock to stop accidental battery drain during transport, and a really cool glow in the dark base that helps you find it in the dark corners of your tent!

5 Year Warranty

As we supply genuine Led Lenser lamps (be aware there are fakes out there!) it comes with a 5 year warranty against manufacturing defects, extendable to 7 years through on line product registration through the Led Lenser website. See – https://www.ledlenser.com/uk/products/service-warranty/ for full details.

Features & Spec

Max: 750, Min: 20

Light Functions:
Blink, boost, low power, power, pulse, S.O.S, strobe, dimmable

Burn Time:
Max: 70h, Min: 4h

IPX Rating:
IPX54 – Dust and water resistant

Additional Features:

  • Dimmable, Power supply for external devices,
  • Transportation lock,
  • Red reading light,
  • Various hooks, for haDetachable base and and magnet

Rechargeable Li-ion Battery 18650, 3.7V

280g including battery

Charge Time:

In The Box:
1 x ML6 Lantern, 1 x set of rechargeable batteries, pouch, USB cable, stand.

Additional information

Weight 801 g


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