Nanostriker XL – Collapsable, Self-Contained Fire Starter

Comes with Nylon Lanyard and Split Ring attachment

For many years I carried the Swedish Army Firesteel and it never let me down. Last year, whilst working in the USA I came across the Nanostriker XL and bought one to field test. After 6 months I had decided it would replace my Swedish Firesteel.

The Nanostriker XL is a real break-through in design and technology. Both firesteels produce good sparks, in the dry and in the wet. However, the Nanostriker XL comes into its own as it is:

  • Very light (the body is constructed from aircraft 6061 aluminium)
  • Collapsible into an ultra-portable and small unit to carry (key-ring size)
  • Waterproof – the firesteel is kept in a protective sheath
  • Replaceable Ferrocerium* Rod making it very economical
  • Gives more than 1000 fire-starting strikes
  • Comes in Ultra-Bright Rescue Orange (easy to spot if dropped)

It is very straight forward to use and produces a complete shower of sparks, suitable for lighting dry shredded paper, leaves or other tinder. For gas, meths or similar just strike through the fuel vapour over the burner.

Expert Tip

  • We recommend you carry some cotton wool balls with a small amount of Petroleum Jelly smeared on them – they light easily and burn for a good 20+ seconds – enough to get your fire going!

*Ferrocerium is a unique man-made metallic material that gives off a large number of very hot sparks at temperatures at 1650°C (3000°F) when scraped against the Tungsten Carbide striker (part of the Nanostriker assembly).