Shaven Raspberry is a small organisation dedicated to sourcing and developing navigation aids, tools and products for hill walkers, mountaineers, navigators and outdoor enthusiasts.  Suppliers to Mountain Rescue, SAR professionals and the emergency services.

All the products we supply have been extensively tested and used by us in a variety of environments and conditions. The only reason they appear for sale on this web site is that we have used them ourselves and wholeheartedly recommend them.

Team Biographies

Scott Amos

Scott has been active in mountain rescue for 20 years, this has given him extensive hands on experience in search and rescue in a variety of differing environments. He is also involved in training personnel from search and rescue, the coastguard and the military in land navigation, and for two years held the post of training officer for the Tweed Valley Mountain Rescue Team. As a keen hill walker, climber, orienteerer and mountain marathon competitor he has substantial practical navigation know how.

Lyle Brotherton

Lyle Brotherton both lectures and instructs ‘Advanced Navigation’ to Mountain Rescue (MRT) and Search & Rescue Teams (SAR) throughout the world. He has spent four years, full-time, working throughout the world from the Pacific Rim to the Americas with specialists from SAR and the Special Forces carrying out research for his book, The Ultimate Navigation Manual.  Published by Collins, it provides Global Best-Practice in Land Navigation.

Lyle Brotherton and Scott Amos have worked together to develop the Shaven Raspberry Grid Reference Tool, to be used with all 1:50000 and 1:25000 scale maps.  In the UK Ordnance  Survey produce these maps in their Landranger and Explorer series.  Traditionally compass roamers (or romers) have been used to measure grid references, but they are much less accurate and often difficult to use outdoors, especially in poor weather conditions.  The Shaven Raspberry Grid Reference Tool removes these inaccuracies and difficulties in use with roamers (or romers).  The Grid Reference Tool can be used to simply and accurately measure 6 figure grid references on 1:50000 maps and 8 figure grid references on 1:25000 maps (6 figure grids also if required).

With the increasing popularity of handheld GPS units from DeLorme, Eagle, Garmin, Satmap, Magellan, Suunto, NavTech, Trimble and Silva the accuracy they provide can be wasted if an individual fails to accurately plot on the map the grid reference given by the handheld GPS unit, the Shaven Raspberry Grid Reference Tool takes the guess work out of this, and improves accuracy.  In order to use a GPS unit to navigate to a location, you will need to project a waypoint.  To do this you will need to input a grid reference into your GPS unit: the Shaven Raspberry Grid Reference Tool enables you to take accurate grid References to be used as waypoints , allowing you to take advantage of the navigatial accuracy available  to the GPS unit, and allowing you to navigate precisely to your desired location.