Includes free, 1 metre paracord lanyard and comes with a clear plastic storage tube.

imagesFlares are a brilliant way of signalling for help in remote areas where there is no mobile phone reception; all mountain rescue teams carry them.

However, conventional flares have one major flaw: they contain explosives, albeit in small amounts, plus highly flammable materials to burn. So when you fire one off in an emergency you need to be very careful not to burn yourself and how you dispose of the smouldering very hot spent flare. Added to this, they only burn for seconds, less than a minute, so you have to hope that somebody in the vicinity is looking your way the minute you call for help. You can’t take them anywhere on an aircraft, so flying abroad with them is out of the question, in fact even carrying them in a public place such as a sports ground, shopping centre or pub without  good cause is illegal in the UK. Then added to this when there shelf life expirers the have to be safely disposed of by recognised professional authority (In the UK the MCA)

So when I was asked to test a new British invention, that used AA batteries, instead of explosives and signalled for hours instead of seconds, I was really excited.

The Odeo Mk3 Flare is the new alternative to the traditional red pyrotechnic hand-held distress flare. It is similar in size to traditional flares, but instead of using dangerous explosives to burn, it uses battery powered laser-emitting diode, that is safe to the human eye.