18650 Battery Caddy

///18650 Battery Caddy

18650 Battery Caddy


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Due to customer demand we are now stocking the 18650 battery caddy.



In stock

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Due to customer demand we are now stocking the 18650 battery caddy.   The 18650 battery is one of the most widely produced lithium-ion rechargeable battery types as it is found in laptops, torches, cameras, camcorders, power-tools, robots, electric vehicles and vaporisers.  After years of development, manufacturers have created a high-quality, multi-purpose, reliable 18650 battery and because of its numerous applications demand for this battery type will continue to rise as new and updated electronic devices hit the market.  For those wanting to transport spare 18650 batteries for their ‘on the go’ electronic devices then the 18650 battery caddy is the ideal storage and transport solution.

This really neat invention keeps them easily accessible, safe and protects them from self-discharging:

  • Holds batteries securely in place with a unique locking feature
  • Protect the terminals of the batteries at both ends reducing the chance of self-discharging.
  • Bright blaze orange, tough polypropylene.
  • Adopt the simple technique of placing all your charged batteries with the anode at the top and spent batteries upside down.
  • Carries up to 4 18650 batteries.

Plus they are great for keeping batteries safe on flights where you are not allowed to store them in the aircraft’s hold (lithium batteries).

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