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Sir Ranulph Fiennes says of the book:

The most comprehensive and easy-to-use navigation manual ever made available. This book is a landmark in navigation

“We will email you to ask if you’d like Lyle to write an inscription in the front cover of his book and for him to sign it for you”.

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Lyle says:

“I never planned to write a book, instead a booklet for Scottish Mountain Rescue, based upon the best navigational practice from SAR teams (Search & Rescue) across the world. It was one of those projects that grew arms and legs. After six years of working with over 130 Search & Rescue teams, across four continents, plus the Special Forces in the UK, USA and Russia, I was fortunate enough to chance meet the wonderful Marjorie Calder. She introduced me to Harper Collins and today, with more than 60,000 copies of the book sold worldwide, I still can’t believe my luck!”

The comprehensive guide, suitable for beginners to advanced navigators and search and rescue professionals, sets new standards in land navigation practice.  The book will take the reader through all the techniques required to become an expert navigator from the fundamental principals through to the advanced technology of GNSS/GPS systems.

  • The manual contains every navigational technique you will ever need!
  • Arranged into easy to learn weekend sections: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert
  • 368 pages: including brand new techniques developed by the Author
  • Worlds Best Practice from 6 years research, working with over 130 Search & Rescue teams and the special forces in 24 countries
  • The most thorough Satnav (GNSS/GPS) sections ever written
  • Comprehensive explanations on how to use Google Earth, Proprietary Digital Mapping & Search Management GIS
  • Individual sections for Arctic, Desert, Forest, Jungle, Mountain, Night-time, Shoreline, Urban & Bad Weather navigation
  • Entire chapters dedicated to Enviromental and Stellar navigation


Out of Amazon’s 200+ reviews, 94% of readers scored this book 4 & 5 Stars. Yet my favourite is the 1 Star review:

‘Far too complex and comprehensive – fine if you want to navigate blindfold for the SAS but if it’s just for the average hiker then simply way too much information with confusing presentation and a patronising and condescending style – one for the charity shop.’

In the mountains we frequently need to navigate blindfold, due to fog, snow, mist and driving rain and yes, if my work can help people attain the levels of navigation employed by the SAS, then writing the book was worthwhile, because they are the best navigators in the world.

Some other people, journals and professional bodies have also written nice things about it.

Sir Ranulph Fiennes ‘The most comprehensive and easy-to-use navigation manual ever made available. This book is a landmark in navigation’

Outdoors Magic ‘The Collins Ultimate Navigation Manual is the best and most comprehensive navigation guide we’ve come across’.

Trail Magazine ‘Seamlessly integrating traditional methods with cutting-edge GPS techniques into a fresh and intuitive format’

Adventure Travel ‘Defines the word ‘comprehensive’. It’s got everything you could think of to do with navigation’

Field Magazine ‘It’s an essential for anyone who spends time in the countryside’

The Great Outdoors ‘This is an excellent reference manual for all navigators, both amateur and professional, and I recommend it highly’

Walk Magazine ‘This comprehensive and richly illustrated guide has everything you could ever wish to know about navigation’

The Royal Institute of Navigation ‘An outstanding achievement in writing, the comprehensive book for Land Navigation’

OK, this is what you get:

An instruction manual that takes you are far as you want to go, from the skills needed for a nice day lowland stroll to an Alpine epic adventure. I wrote it to allow absolute beginners to find their way anywhere in the world and develop a unique confidence in navigation – with or without technical aids.

Bottom line is if you buy it and don’t like it, I’ll refund your money in full.

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1 review for The Ultimate Navigation Manual

  1. Phil

    I have literally just shared this with two good ML friends, Julie and Sean. It is a must have. Great read to with techniques that really work.

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