Shaven Raspberry partner Lyle Brotherton has today published his new ground braking book the Ultimate Navigation Manual.

The comprehensive guide, suitable for beginners to advanced navigators and search and rescue professionals, sets new standards in land navigation practice.  The book will take the reader through all the techniques required to become an expert navigator from the fundamental principals through to the advanced technology of GNSS/GPS systems.

  • The manual contains every navigational technique you will ever need!
  • Arranged into easy to learn weekend sections – Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert
  • 368 pages: including brand new techniques developed by the Author
  • Worlds Best Practice from 6 years research, working with over 130 Search & Rescue teams and the special forces in 24 countries
  • The most thorough Satnav (GNSS/GPS) sections ever written
  • Comprehensive explanations on how to use Google Earth, Proprietary Digital Mapping & Search Management GIS
  • Individual sections for Arctic, Desert, Forest, Jungle, Mountain, Night-time, Shoreline, Urban & Bad Weather navigation
  • Entire chapters dedicated to Enviromental and Stellar navigation

Need to Navigate?  Then you need a copy!