Grid Reference Tool Map Romer Scale

//Grid Reference Tool Map Romer Scale

Grid Reference Tool Map Romer Scale


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How many times have you received an inaccurate grid reference, or made a mistake plotting one using a compass roamer?

Take the guess work out of grid references – accurately give and plot 6 and 8 figure grid references with confidence, and accurately measure travel distance.

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Need to Navigate? Then you Need one of these!

The Pocket 1:25000 or 1:50000 Grid Reference Tool Map Romer Scale

How many times have you received an inaccurate grid reference, or made a mistake plotting one using a compass roamer?

Take the guess work out of grid references – accurately give and plot 6 and 8 figure grid references with confidence, and accurately measure travel distance.

Ideal for GPS users – accurately project and plot waypoints.

Ideal for both Search and Rescue professionals and outdoor enthusiasts.

  • Accurately plot and give grid 6 figure grid references on 1:50000 scale maps.
  • Accurately plot and give 6 & 8 figure grid references on 1:25000 scale maps.
  • Extended grid lines make sure you correctly align the tool on the map so you don’t make a  mistake, even in bad weather.
  • Rounded corners to prevent snagging and holes in the pocket!
  • Romer scales numbered to prevent mistakes.
  • 1:50000 & 1:25000 scales colour coordinated to avoid confusion.
  • Ruler edges are marked in actual map distance – no fussy calculations required, easy and precise.
  • Tough and durable.
  • Comes with a hole to enable a lanyard to be attached.

How to use

Here are step by step instructions on how to calculate 6 Figure and 8 Figure Grid References the Shaven Raspberry 1:25000 & 1:50000 Scale Pocket Grid Reference Tool.

Calculate a 6 Figure Grid Reference

Calculate an 8 Figure Grid Reference

In order to plot an 8 figure grid reference the 6 figure square must now be divided into tenths. It would be impractical to print 1/10th grid squares at this scale so the Shaven Raspberry Grid Reference Tool has the unique feature of dividing the square in half. The thin grey lines on the Roamer represent 5/10th divisions making it easy to estimate the last two figures of an 8 figure grid reference!

Additional information

Weight 3.00 g
Dimensions 1.00 × 2.00 × 3.00 mm

64 reviews for Grid Reference Tool Map Romer Scale

  1. Brian Merritt

    Been doing some basic exercises with this and most times I am perhaps 5-10metres out from my SATMAP. Furthermore when under more stress, tired and lousy weather, it makes life a lot easier. For £2:99, is a bargain and worth getting

  2. Dimitris T

    Very useful tool. Recommended.

  3. Ivo Brugman

    Simple, compact, strong and good transparancy. It is actually several tools in one. For grid pin pointing for two scales and a ruler application on the side as well. Little hole in it to use to your liking. Great stuff, value for money..again.

  4. Kev Lad

    Great bit of kit; compact, lightweight, rugged.
    You rarely need the magnetic needle and roamers
    at the same time, this tiny gadget helps keep route
    planning a quick and easy exercise.
    Get one, learn how to use it; priceless!

  5. Peter W

    Excellent little gadget; great for entering grid references into GPS. Good value and very good service from Shaven Raspberry.

  6. Mark

    Get 2 because this is one piece of kit that you will miss if you manage to break or lose it. This is now part of my compass where ever it goes. Very accurate readings.

  7. Kevin Adams

    Great bit of kit, really useful and excellent sevice from Shavenraspberry. Well worth every penny

  8. Mark Evans

    A cracking little thing. I need it for wildlife surveying, both for finding GPS fixes on the map and for taking an eight figure map ref off a map and this little beauty performs both tasks with great accuracy. I have, up to now, been using the Silva romer, but this is in a different class altogether. As an experiment, I aligned the grid of this romer with the Silva’s and was amazed at how how poorly the two matched. The Silva’s Northings, on the 1:25,000 scale, ended a full millimetre short (25 metres on the ground) an the intermediate gradations were pretty haphazardly marked too, so if it is accuracy you require, this is for you.

  9. Mike Little

    I already had a romer from many years ago, a freebie I got from somewhere I can’t remember, and it did the job okay I suppose and I’d never really thought about a replacement to be honest. However I ordered a Battery Caddy off here and so I thought I’d give one of these a try whilst I was ordering and wow…it’s way, way better than the one I had, much more accurate and way more rugged than my old thing! Definitely worth upgrading to!

  10. Gerald

    Great piece of kit and will prove very useful on the hills. Delivery was fantastic.

  11. Paul Hills

    Just received 4 of you roamers. These will be used by our DofE groups when plotting their route cards, have just shown one to my colleagues who runs a large DofE organisation, I think he will be putting a large order in. A great product at a good price. All DofE groups should have one.


  12. Brian Jones

    Fantastic bit of kit, very accurate and a doddle to use – shipping was amazingly fast and products were well packaged – highly reccommended

  13. Col T

    Great bit of kit – however, as the 1:50K grid has red numbers, they can be hard to make out in poor light conditions – especially if your target is smack bang in a mass of red contour lines. If possible, one with both grids in black numbers would make a good product even better IMHO. Recommend it ? – absolutely.

  14. Mark Carter

    Astonishing service! Ordered several of these along with a sizeable order of other safety items on a Saturday, and received the full order on the Monday morning. Highly recommended products from a highly recommended company.
    Thanks Scott, very happy customer 🙂

  15. Philip Powell

    This is to maps, what a pen is to paper … essential.

  16. J Newman

    An essential piece of kit for checking grid references – so much easier (and more accurate) than guesstimating or using the romer scales on the edges of a compass (particularly on a windy day in the hills). I can’t believe that nobody else has come up with this idea in the past – hats off to the inventor!

  17. milligs

    Excellent piece of kit. Really useful for accurately giving 8 figure references for our Search & Rescue exercises (when Viewranger has killed our phones!)

  18. Steve Allen

    excellent way to accurately work out your way points – recommended

  19. Rob Steptoe

    Great bit of kit and very useful. Much easier than using the markings on the compass. My only gripe is that the slight opaqueness made it difficult to see the finer points on the map. If it was completely clear plastic I have given 5 stars.

  20. Richard

    Utterly, Utterly brilliant piece of kit, fantastic for teaching mapping and the only one of its type I can find available

  21. JOHN R


  22. Paul Marlow

    This is an incredible piece of kit – it makes reading grid references easy. Highly recommended.

  23. D O

    This replaces an old ‘Romer’ I have had for years – and its a big improvement…why didn’t I change sooner!

  24. B. Armstrong

    I wish I had bought one of these years ago! At last, once I have a GPS reference, I can quickly establish where I am on a map as well as other points of interest. I’ve threaded it on my compass lanyard so it doesn’t get lost. I only wish I had bought two of these at the outset as a spare always comes in handy and it saves doubling up on the postage.

  25. Dave Miller

    Excellent product and very quick delivery.

  26. Michael Ireland

    Good bit of kit, highly recommended, Shaven Raspberry is on my list of suppliers as good trustworthy company.

  27. Dino

    Simple, compact, strong, light and a must have in your bag

  28. C

    Hoofing bit of kit. For £2.99 you can’t go far wrong. When you’re tired wet and hungry this negates any of it and makes sure you’re 100% accurate.

  29. Charles Petrovics

    Much more accurate and easier to use than my original Romer. Wish I’d come across this item when it was first produced.
    Fast delivery by the suppliers too.

  30. Graham

    Now more of those checkpoints should be at the grid reference on the route-card!
    Happy Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Expedition Assessor.

  31. Craig Longstaff

    Good quality and VFM. Fast delivery.

  32. Peter Collier

    A good piece of kit at the right price, the only drawback is that is quite opaque. If you don’t press it firmly to your map it becomes difficult to pick up the feature that you are taking a position on.

  33. Richard C

    Good product, easy to use. Useful tool to add to the navigation kit. Fast delivery-arrived within 24 hours of ordering.

  34. Roger

    Neat, accurate, easy to use. I bought a number of these for friends & family after using one myself.
    Good value for money. Used together with a ‘Harvey’ 1:40,000 romer, this covers all the bases.
    Adding a 1:40,000 scale would render this tool less clear.

  35. John Taggart

    Great tool for navigating – especially like the readings along the edge – more accurate and easier to read than the compass roamer where the numbers are set back from the edge.

  36. Brian Pemberton

    A very useful tool delivered professional and quickly well done.

  37. Derek Dunbar

    A great bit of kit to add to my hillwalking armoury. Really quickly delivered. Thanks.

  38. Michael Loughran

    Very handy piece of kit that now lives in my map case. Makes grid referencing quick and easy.

  39. Kurt

    Recommended item of navigation kit. Small so easy to lose so order a few and have them about with your gear just in case. Easy to use and accurate. Good service and great value, thank you SR.

  40. Reiss

    Excellent for accuracy.
    A well thought out durable easily referenced item. A great training aid. Great value item.

  41. Lee

    Not for me to use but hiker hubby. He is delighted with this new item for his kit. Best things come in small parcels they say..certainly true of this nifty little gadget. Thankyou SR

  42. S DRAKE

    Good quality and appears as per picture. It was my first order from Shaven so I was a little unsure but it arrived very quickly and I would use them again

  43. Graham C

    Excellent product, easy to use
    Very prompt service

  44. Roger Wells

    See my earlier review (Roger).
    I have nothing to add.

  45. Dave Cann

    This makes things so much easier, quicker and accurate when you are on the move.

    Delivery was fast and on time.

    Will buy from you again.

  46. Nigel

    Love this bit of kit, the application of common sense. Weighs almost nothing, costs almost nothing but totally invaluable.

  47. Graham

    Excellent, perfect size, clarity and good quality. I’ll be back……

  48. Mark Evans

    I’ve reviewed this product previously and my opinion has not changed with repeated use: a very convenient and accurate tool. I’ve just bought my third.

  49. John Richardson

    Really useful little tool. I do a lot of work with DofEd Expeditions and this will be really good tool for me to teach the participants about Grid References.

  50. Fernando

    So for a great piece of kit definitely one worth the money.
    I must also praise Shavenraspberry at the great service.

  51. John Clarke

    Quite well made very useful. Well packed.

  52. Errol

    A good pocket sized roamer and much easier to use than the ones on the side of my compass.

  53. Andy

    A really good little tool for taking the guesswork out of grid refs.

  54. Clive

    Fantastic service shavenraspberry only 24hrs from order to receiving items on doorstep would highly recommend to other people grid reference tool amazing.