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If you bought these 26 items individually, they would cost more than we’re selling them for!

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Up for grabs so to say!

An off-the-wall offering which we think some of our customers may be interested in. Recently Scott and I decided to update our Grab-Bags and spent a long time finding and then evaluating the best kit and for this we bought quite a few of each item, consequently we now have three extra, complete Grab-Bags. If you bought these 26 items individually, they would cost more than we’re selling them for!


This starts with understanding that there may be occasions where you need to immediately evacuate your home or place of work, because of:

  1. Fire, whether in your property or adjacent properties
  2. Flooding, especially storm flood which can rise in minutes
  3. A relative, critically ill in hospital, who you need to get to asap
  4. Gas mains leaks, again inside or outside your home
  5. Road traffic crashes involving commercial vehicles carrying hazardous chemicals near your home
  6. Land subsidence and slippage
  7. Prolonged power outage
  8. Terrorism, bomb scares, public disorder
  9. Police raids on adjacent houses
  10. Nuclear accidents like Chernobyl or Fukushima

You could also include Donny, pre-emptively pressing the button, because Kim Jung sneezed, leaving only cockroaches, Donny and Simon Cowell alive!

At work, both of us can be on-call 24/7 with 10 minutes, tops, to leave our homes. Scott’s workbag is at the fire station and I collect mine en route. Yet, in the interim we need to function and survive. Now I’m not on about catching, eviscerating, roasting and consuming rodents, marsupials or any other of the locals, nor digging slit-trenches and bogging-out for days. Instead, I’m talking about a bag you can grab which contains your personal emergency supplies, pre-packed in an easy-to-carry rucksack. Giving us the ability to eat half-decent food, have a change of underwear, wash faces, wipe bums and survive, unaided, for up to 48hrs.

We continually review the contents of our Grab Bags and refine them to be ‘Fit for Purpose’ and contain the best items of kit, keeping them light (less than 5kg) small and extremely portable.

We have also both used our Grab Bag on many non-work occasions. Personally, the most important for me was when I received the call that my Dad had been taken urgently ill into hospital and was on his way out. I simply picked it up on the way out of my house, the time I saved I was able to spend with my Dad in his last hours.

In our local town, Hawick, 900 houses had to be immediately evacuated when the river Teviot burst its banks, along with thousands of similar incidents up and down the country in the winter storm floods of 2016. In fact, the Government’s Civil Contingency Secretariat (CCS) rank floods as the third most likely catastrophic event to threaten UK households.

Governments prepare for major incidents, invariably the events none of us like to think about, yet inevitably some of which have already materialised, such as terrorism, and continue to affect us, and others we’ve probably not thought of.

Surprisingly top of this list is loss of power. Not the type of electricity outages, or blackouts, caused by severe weather, instead damage to the National Electricity Transmission System, and whilst this has not happened, were it to occur it would be very severe, causing widespread disruption to many critical sectors with disruption or loss of essential services, particularly transport, food, water, fuel, gas, finance, communications (all types), and education and if prolonged, also potential disruption to health care, emergency services, with emerging public disorder.

From a domestic fire to the worst-case scenarios above, the ability to move quickly, be self-sufficient gives you not just the ability to survive, but more importantly, peace of mind.

So, what’s inside the 30-litre waterproof and tough rucksack we provide?

Grab-Bag Contents

1 30 Litre Rucksack Tough, 100% waterproof, durable and light. Adjustable shoulder and waist straps. White, with glow-in-the-dark paracord making it easier to find in the dark. Keeps everything safe, dry and portable.
2 Waterproof High-Power Torch Zoomable, 8000LM (very bright) can be recharged from Infinite Orbit
3 Duronic Hybrid Radio Wind-up solar & rechargeable AM/FM radio with USB Cable: never needs batteries. If the internet goes down stay in-touch with what’s happening
4 Infinite Orbit Instant power to any device or rechargeable battery at anytime, anywhere.
5 Emergency LED Warning Light & Distress Beacon Mark your location with this waterproof, toughened beacon that flashes SOS for 12hrs continuously.
6 ShavenRaspberry Rescue Whistle The loudest whistle you can buy to attract attention and/or alert people.
7 Stanley 12 Piece Multi-tool Long nose pliers, curve jaw pliers, wire cutter, saw, Phillips screwdriver, standard screwdrivers (1/4″, 5/16″, 1/8″), small knife, large knife, bottle opener plus belt holster
8 Compact Binoculars 30×60 foldable prism binoculars with ruby coatings on the lenses for improved transmittance and image brightness under low light conditions, to check out an area is safe from a distance.
9 Uniball Power Tank Pen Writes on wet surfaces, in cold temperatures and even upside down.
10 Webtex Notepad Waterproof pocket notebook, spiral bound.
11 Glow-in-the-dark Paracord Attached to the outside of your grab-bag to making it easier to find in the dark plus used to fix broken shoelaces, belts or straps or a tourniquet to control bleeding, plus many other uses.
12 Duck Tape 19mm x 4.5m long tough, scrim-backed adhesive tape of temporary mends to a myriad of items, even ripped anoraks and for attaching/joining items together.
13 Sutormproof Matches 15 matches, 2 strikers in a sealed case that includes 15 matches and 2 strikers: easy to light, stay lit for 12 seconds, even after being submerged in water.
14 Stainless Steel Wire Safety Gloves Anti-slash, cut-proof, static-resistant, reduce the harm by sharp materials such as broken glass, nails, stones and even knives.
15 Disposable Poncho If the air has contaminants, for example from a nearby fire, you can keep your clothes clean and throw away the contaminated poncho when out of danger.
16 Drybags 3x fully waterproof Velcro closure for mobile phones, iPods, cameras, medicines, money & documents: such as insurance and health.
17 First aid kit Essentials to treat minor injuries: eye pad & bandage, 19 adhesive bandages, 1 plastic strip, 3 cleaning swabs, 1 finger bandage and a tube of burn gel.
18 Instant Hand Warmers When activated these generate heat within minutes and can be used to warm cold hands/feet or keep a casualty warm by placing them in their armpits.
19 Andrex Washlets Toilet Tissue Exactly as it says!
20 Hand Sanitiser Gel Pack of 3. Indispensable for basic hygiene.
21 Crest Toothpaste, Toothbrush & Pouch Feeling fresh helps maintain self-confidence.
22 48hr Self-Heating Ration Packs Quality main meals, energy snacks, tea, coffee etc., giving you independence and the ability to eat properly.
23 Life-Straw water filter If you’re travelling anywhere where you aren’t sure the drinking water is 100% safe or the public water system has failed this straw-style filter design lets you turn up to 1000 litres of contaminated water into safe drinking water.
24 Blizzard Survival Bag Fatigue, exhaustion and shock, all serve to lower your body’s temperature and the colder you become the more demoralised and miserable you feel, keeping dry and warm is essential.
25 Ear defenders Primarily to get a good night’s sleep, essential to operate effectively
26 2018 Collins Compact Road Atlas A5 sized road atlas with lie-flat spiral binding features extremely clear route planning maps of Britain and Ireland. If the Internet goes down or GPS is degraded, you can still navigate

We would recommend that you add:

  1. Water – 2 litres*
  2. Any prescription medicines you use, plus analgesics
  3. Copies of insurance docs, bank details and any other documents you consider important, plus a list of emergency contacts, neighbours & family, Local radio station frequencies
  4. Cash, including coins for public phones in case of mobile network outage (this happens at nearly all major incidents, such as in 7/7 & 911)
  5. Socks & underwear

* Based upon Survival-Hydration, of 1ltr/day, not normal hydration. Water is heavy, which is why we carry the LifeStraw water filter.

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