Simply one of the loudest emergency whistles available!

This Sharx Fox 40 whistle is one of the most rugged and reliable pieces of survival equipment you will ever carry, we always carry one, and it is so loud you can hear it up to one mile away!

•    No moving parts, so it works in any weather conditions and never lets you down
•    Unbreakable ABS plastic that does not stick to cold or frozen lips
•    4 internal chambers means it is incredibly loud with effortless blowing

Lyle first came across the Sharx Fox 40 emergency whistle at the Canadian Search & Rescue Conference, and he brought two back to the UK to test. The acid test for us was if Scott’s young kids could use this whistle effectively, because the time that you are going to need this, in an emergency, is when you are most likely out of breath or injured – they worked so well Mum took the whistles off them!

So whether you are orienteering, doing your DoE or out for a hike, pack one of these Sharx Fox 40 whistles into your rucksack as a permanent failsafe.

Emergency Instructions

Europe – 6 quick blasts – repeat every minute.

Rest of world – 3 quick  blasts – repeat every minute.

Caution – Do not blow a Fox 40 Sharx whistle directly in a persons ear.