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Slope Angel easily and quickly measures both slope angle and temperature accurately.

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Slope Angel is an exciting new piece of technology that can save your life for less than £20 has to be the perfect stocking filler!

The Slope Angel helps protect you against the risk of avalanche. It’s easy to use and quick to get to work and saves faffing about when measuring slope angles and air temperature.

The angle of the slope (steepness of area of the hill/mountain you are on) is the most critical factor to consider when crossing snow covered slopes, because 76% of all avalanches occur on slopes when the slope angle is 34°-45°

Plus, if air temperatures rapidly rises, more than 8°C in 12 hours, the risk of avalanche rises substantially, and this is most critical when temperatures are more than 2°C.

Slope Angel easily and quickly measures both slope angle and temperature accurately

  1. At the start of your journey note the air temperature and then check it again during your trip for any changes.
  2. To measure the slope angle, simply place it on an ice axe, walking/ski pole or a ski that is laid facing down the slope and the slope angle is clearly displayed.

Scott and I always carried our winter Holy Trinity = transceiver (with fresh batteries), snow shovel and search probe, we’ve now added the Slope Angle and can’t think of a name for the four! And when on the hill always remember that over 90% percent of avalanches occur during or within 24 hours of heavy rain or snowfall.

Technical information

Weight: 30g
Dimensions: 350 x 20 x 8 mm
Casing: ABS Thermoplastic
Power supply: Button cell 1225 3V replaceable battery
Display: LCD
Operating temperature: -30° + 60°
Approvals: CE & FCC
Warranty: 2 years
Percentage Risk of Avalanche

Additional information

Weight 1 g

4 reviews for Slope Angel

  1. Robert Poole

    Had a trial run yesterday, very impressed. Will always be in my rucksack.

  2. Christony

    Potentially a useful piece of kit, if only just for the temperature reading alone. Comes with a small lanyard to attach to rucksack so it’s always measuring ambient temperature. When the small button is pressed it displays the temperature reading in Celsius, then Fahrenheit and then slope angle. Repeats these readings a further two times and then switches off. When laid down on a longish object like an ice axe shaft or the shaft of a walking pole placed on sloping ground it displays the angle of the slope. So it goes some way in identifying some of the factors that increase the risk of avalanche. A nice bright orange easily seen. Too early to tell how the battery fairs in very low temperatures. Some people may consider it a little pricey for what it is, though it may be considered worth it for what it does

  3. Bear Cub

    Works a treat

  4. Rabid Hamster

    Well, it works, is so simple and gives fairly instant readout! The hardest bit was getting the insulator out of the battery compartment to start it working! The Fahrenheit readout must be for Americans? When not in avalanche prone terrain, I’m thinking of trying it in aircraft cockpit, as it would then show temps and pitch angle of airframe. It is virtually no weight so will be handy for aircraft use.

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